Academic Governing Body

OF Singapore International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

Singapore International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference governing body is the official committee experts that open to all those who have interest in conference and its discussion.  It is responsible for the governance acts in its best interest, drives performance through ensuring the technical knowlegde in the conference are premium class. Comprising up to 5 members that also responsible to the presenter’s necessity to be addressed in the current context foreseeing to construct an outstanding resolution related to the SDGS matters. 

The objective of the formation of the academic governing body of Event Hunter Indonesia is as follows: 

  • To ensure the Conference is centralized on issues that require immediate attention
  • To ensure the Conference development phase is supported with authentic information.
  • To ensure the Conference processes do function properly i.e. timely reviewing, responding and reverting with constructive feedback and comments
  • Authorizing the Panel of speakers and their titles in relevance to the theme of the Conference.



Deputy President


Senior Consultant


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