Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation

In the oral presentation, you will deliver your presentation live to the audience effectively and engage in discussions with the audience. For further tips and techniques, here are some beneficial tips for you to use.


Tips for Creating Better Slides Presentation

  • The slide should build a path to the next slide so that it has sequence and relevancy each other.
  • Use graphs and charts to help the audience understanding your points.
  • Make the slide simple because too much data will make the audience confused.
  • Use a maximum of 6 words per bullet, a maximum of 6 bullets per slide and a maximum of 6 text slides in a row. Furthermore, the fewest words with effective imagery will have the most powerful effect.
  • Use high contrast, easy-to-read fonts that are common for many kinds of computers.


Tips for Presenting The Slides

  • Do not introduce yourself too much because the session chair will introduce you. So that you can save time for important points.
  • One good way to get the audience’s attention is to start with a question. You may give some eye-opening facts from your findings.
  • Do not read your slides all the time. Just made your audience read your slides by themselves.
  • You will be only given around 15 minutes to present your paper. So please practice it before presenting your paper slides.
  • Don’t waste your time too much on explaining the background. Just give priority to your findings.

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